Article VSG201

Vacuum control unit

µ-vac vacuum assembly system for the assembly of smallest, highly sensitive components

  • Long service life due to robust, industrial design
  • For joining highly sensitive small parts
  • Cleaning effect, removes loose dirt particles from components
  • Reduction of energy consumption through demand-oriented compressed air consumption
  • Effortless handling. A short touch of the membrane button is all that is required to activate or deactivate air suction
  • Workpiece-optimized adapters on request
  • Air/light combination on request

Catalog-# / Description

Catalog-# Order-# Description
7.201.000 1014585A Control unit for µ-vac vacuum-assembly system

Technical data

Technical data  
Electr. mains connection 115 / 230 V, 50 Hz
Power input approx. 115 / 230 V 12,5 / 25 VA
Fuse 115 / 230 V T 100 mA / T 100 mA, 250 V
Supply air ca. 4-6 bar, max. 7 bar
Vacuum 90 % bei 5 bar
Air consumption 60 l/min
Medium filtered and oil-free air
Vacuum generation Ejector principle
Ambient conditions Normal
Ambient temperature -10 °C to +50 °C
Connection „Supply air" G1/4 “ respectively Ø6 mm
Connection „Vacuum“ G1/4 “ respectively Ø6 mm
Connection „exhaust air“ G1/4 “ respectively Ø8 mm
Connection for VP101 Miniature socket 3-pole
Dimensions approx. 260x190x70 mm
Weight approx. 3,3 kg
Protection class IP30

Connection diagram

Connection diagram for vacuum mounting system:
Supply air Ø6mm
Vacuum Ø6mm
Exhaust air Ø8mm

Application examples

Application examples



Type VSG203 with integrated cold light source

Illuminate drill hole, detect and remove dirt particles,
remove impurities at the touch of a button

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